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South Korean Food = Fresh

27 April, 2007


24 April, 2007

I witnessed a flashmob today in London. It was the biggest load of toss I have ever seen in my life and if you participate in one you:

a) are a cunt.

b) obviously have nothing better to do with your life.

The majority of the ‘mobbers’ looked like the people with the tie dye and the jester hats that you studiously try to avoid at festivals (see below]).


‘ Look at me! I’m so crazy me! I’m dancing – but there’s no music… hahahaa!!’


Download of the day: Weekend at Bernie’s


Noel Edmonds takes the piss

18 April, 2007

This has all the ingredients that make it amusing, Noel Edmonds and political incorrectness – Sorry I cant stop pissing myself each time I watch this clip, will I got to hell!? Watch it, its delicious!

 Bonus Edmonds remix after the jump.

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Who’s a Sexy Bitch

16 April, 2007

Is your dog feeling ‘the urge’? Would you like to help him out? Your prayers are finally answered… Bagsy not to clean that thing out.

Yes it actually is a ‘sex doll’ for dogs and you can purchase this…oh dear. More dog on rubber action after the jump.

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Does it offend you, yeah?

16 April, 2007

Does it offend you

I love this group, and if you like French house combo Justice then you will love these English copy cats. They have just announced tour dates, I’ll deffo be there. Heres their myspace

Tour dates after the jump..

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The Apprentice

11 April, 2007

This started a few days ago, its one of my favourite programmes and my old schoolfriend Rory is in it. I wont tell you how he does but, unfortunately not particularly well! He is a nice guy in real life, but check out how he does:

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