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I hate Gherkins too..

11 March, 2009

..but this hilarious.
I love how they intentionally scare the shit out of her.


Dr. Ronald Chevalier

10 March, 2009

Its the guy from flight of the Conchords..


Religious comedy Part 2

10 March, 2009

Genuine Christian Tshirts for sale.
Tears in my eyes! Tears! That man doesn’t masturbate! Ever! And he looks so relaxed! I also notice that they appear to be outside the house. WHO WOULD WEAR THAT T-SHIRT OUTSIDE THE HOUSE!? Oh, man, I gotta get me one of those. God bless you, whoever came up with this this. Jesus loves you, but not as much as I do.



Angry Camels in a car

9 March, 2009

No explanation required..

As an extra titbit heres a tragic Camel story


Religious based comedy pt 1 – Bibleman

9 March, 2009

Proper funny bit starts around 1:50 in.. This is a genuine Religious TV show.


Noel Edmonds takes the piss

18 April, 2007

This has all the ingredients that make it amusing, Noel Edmonds and political incorrectness – Sorry I cant stop pissing myself each time I watch this clip, will I got to hell!? Watch it, its delicious!

 Bonus Edmonds remix after the jump.

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Who’s a Sexy Bitch

16 April, 2007

Is your dog feeling ‘the urge’? Would you like to help him out? Your prayers are finally answered… Bagsy not to clean that thing out.

Yes it actually is a ‘sex doll’ for dogs and you can purchase this…oh dear. More dog on rubber action after the jump.

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