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9 March, 2009




Considering my extreme boredom/the crushing emptiness of unemployment Ive decided to resurrect this blog for a while (it wont last) I need an outlet.


Goody/Media Rant

9 March, 2009

Im so annoyed with the state of the media – what the hell has happened to us all!? The BBC posted the over story in the “Top Stories” Section today – unbelieveable! It was  some woman praying for her, admitedly a little creepy, but at no point was she in harms way. A ‘small hammer’ was later found in her bag – the story has been twisted to make the news (Classic Max Clifford). The woman was released without charge, hence no malice intended. Goody and Clifford are absolutely shameless and the BBC – a ‘quality’ media organisation putting weight to this story? Pathetic. Anyone else remember the Johnathan Ross/Russell Brand affair? This is as lame if not worse than that.

Wendy Richards and George Harrison- two eminently more famous individuals both died from cancer,  where were the media then!?Goody/Clifford are milking this intentionally for all its worth. Die with some dignity love – its disgusting.

I apologise for the Daily Mail style rant – this is the last time I shall mention “Queen of our hearts II”

Goody jokes after the jump..

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South Korean Food = Fresh

27 April, 2007


24 April, 2007

I witnessed a flashmob today in London. It was the biggest load of toss I have ever seen in my life and if you participate in one you:

a) are a cunt.

b) obviously have nothing better to do with your life.

The majority of the ‘mobbers’ looked like the people with the tie dye and the jester hats that you studiously try to avoid at festivals (see below]).


‘ Look at me! I’m so crazy me! I’m dancing – but there’s no music… hahahaa!!’


Download of the day: Weekend at Bernie’s


Australians- why are they here?

27 January, 2007


Today is Australia Day. Tonight there will be a huge amount of drunken Australians celebrating in this city, this what I think about them:

1. They see their homeland as some kind of utopia. If home is so perfect, then why are they HERE??

2. They have a collective gang mentality that sees them mix only with their own and contribute nothing to the wider community, adopting the very worst aspects of the /brits abroad’ mentality.

3. They label the English as pommie whingers when in fact they are the most whiney, one-eyed set of bad losers (and winners) in the galaxy.

PS Paradoxically, I do actually like some Aussies (Sorry Nick, if you are reading this!)