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The Apprentice

11 April, 2007

This started a few days ago, its one of my favourite programmes and my old schoolfriend Rory is in it. I wont tell you how he does but, unfortunately not particularly well! He is a nice guy in real life, but check out how he does:

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8 February, 2007

This is a great site that has a looad of movies and TV shows on it. Just watch via streaming, this site is genius. 


Theroux is back

26 January, 2007

LouisLouisIf you havent already heard of Louis Theroux

In Weird Weekends (1998–2000), Louis followed marginal American subcultures like survivalists, gangsta rappers and porn stars, often by living among or close to the people involved. Often Theroux’s documentary method subtly exposes the contradictions or farcical elements of such seriously-held beliefs as homophobia or racism.

For those poor UK inhabitants its on BBC Two on Sunday 28 January at 2100GMT (otherwise you should be able to watch it on the BBC website if you know how to change proxies..)


Good day/Bad day

22 January, 2007


On the upside, Jade Goody is threatening to kill herself… On the downside, she’s only saying it for publicity.