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Good Day!

31 January, 2007


Spare me my rife!

28 January, 2007

 Genius Japanese language training clip:


Australians- why are they here?

27 January, 2007


Today is Australia Day. Tonight there will be a huge amount of drunken Australians celebrating in this city, this what I think about them:

1. They see their homeland as some kind of utopia. If home is so perfect, then why are they HERE??

2. They have a collective gang mentality that sees them mix only with their own and contribute nothing to the wider community, adopting the very worst aspects of the /brits abroad’ mentality.

3. They label the English as pommie whingers when in fact they are the most whiney, one-eyed set of bad losers (and winners) in the galaxy.

PS Paradoxically, I do actually like some Aussies (Sorry Nick, if you are reading this!)


Radiohead = Disco?

26 January, 2007

No idea what is going on there..but I kinda like it


“Stand clear of the whores”

26 January, 2007



Whassis? Has Banksy hit the tube?


Baaabel or Babel

26 January, 2007


 Near where I live (Wood green) They have a film on called Baabel, now I assumed that they had the spelling wrong of the new Alejandro González Iñárritu film (you know the guy who directed the amazing Amores perros and 21 Grams), Babel. It turns out its a Turkish film, well, I guess thats the hazards of living in a Turkish/Muslim area in London!

Well anyway this film is Majestic, especially if you like multiplotline/documentary style films like Traffic/Syriana. Pitt is as ever excellent, and I recommend you see this in a cinema to get the full impact. The Moroccan scenes are worth it for that alone.

Highly recommended.


The centre of London: Shoreditch

26 January, 2007

shoreditch art

You probably know my love of Shoreditch by now, on a walk the other day I spotted this nice bit of street art.